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Jannie Otto Safaris, Supporting local community with anti-poaching, management and meat from selectively harvest old animals on their game ranch.

We made it as planned!

The choice of flights is certainly limited at this time. While most airlines will take your booking and your money, they inevitably postpone the flights and are not quick to refund money. I would also personally not recommend flying via Europe as I see too many health restrictions in place that could hinder travel.

As of now Ethiopian is really the only reliable choice. The connection was from Dulles airport in Washington.

The service was good, food was edible and the firearms were easy to get thru the airport in Addis Ababa.

For Ethiopian airlines, make sure you have four copies each of the following: Ethiopian firearms declaration form, passport, customs form 4457, and Tanzania firearm import license.

When you get to Addis, you will need to go with the security/ police agents and show them your paperwork and unlock your firearms to show the serial numbers. While they don’t speak much English, the security officials are friendly and the process is simple and quick and they are all about ensuring your firearms make it to your next destination. They did not check my ammunition. The security officials loaded the guns onto our next plane right in front of us.

The planes were fairly empty and we all had the entire row of seating to ourselves the entire way.

There was no temperature screening or health checks until we got to Tanzania.

Ethiopian planes are new and have a special air filter that is supposed to kill germs and viruses during circulation.

For your safety, I recommend wearing an N-95 mask the whole way and don’t take the mask off unless you need to drink or eat in the plane. I also recommend carrying hand sanitizer and alcohol wipes. Use them frequently and in abundance. I recommend wiping down anything you are going to touch. Bathrooms seem to be the place to avoid or minimize. If necessary, grab paper or alcohol wipes in your hand to handle everything. Never use the vacuum hand dryers.

Overall I felt the flying was a good and safe experience that I would recommend to any resilient hunters.