Hunting Dangerous Game in Africa

An African safari can provide memories for a lifetime, particularly if there is dangerous game on the quota. Preparation is of the utmost importance – the right rifle, in the right caliber, with the right bullet can make the difference between life and death. Use enough gun.

Trust your Professional Hunter’s advice in this regard. Sight-in on the bench and shoot from the sticks, off-hand and the various other positions you may encounter in the field. Be comfortable, thoroughly familiar, and proficient with your weapon of choice. Remember: “it is shot placement, and not what you shoot with, that is important!” And, as we say: “Aim on hair, not on Air.”

We offer dangerous game hunting in South Africa, Zambia, Mozambique and Tanzania for lion, leopard, white rhino, elephant, buffalo, hippo and crocodile. The area in which the dangerous game hunt is conducted depends on the species which interest you. We have specialized professional hunter who have many years’ experience in pursuing the dangerous game of Africa. Our success rate on all animals (except the elusive leopard) is very close to 100%. Please try to book your dangerous game hunt at least six months in advance, as we require some time to obtain the necessary permits from the relevant authorities.

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Pigmy Safaris

The small or “pygmy” antelope as they are sometimes called are some of the most elusive quarry that Africa has to offer. The mere size of these antelope make them extremely difficult to spot and combine that with the remote, rugged terrain they inhabit and you soon see why they are such sought-after trophies.

Jannie Otto Safaris offers several packages for these small antelope of Africa. You can hunt one specie at a time, add them on to your existing package hunt/tour, or take the ultimate challenge of harvesting the “Mini Five” **.

 It is recommended to allow two days per animal. Any five of the above antelope qualify for the “Mini Five”.

* All prices quoted in US Dollars , * All packages 50% deposit on total cost of safari, * 15% Government VAT tax included in daily rate

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