Awesome hunt, Awesome foor awesome

Mike and Cody Austin with Tom Like; “ Awesome hunt, Awesome for awesome PH and help. Great accommodations and a high-quality Game. Cody’s first trip and he was really excited, impressed, and never disappointed. Great stories and fire talk. PH’s knowledgeable of all aspects of hunt, animals, and ammo guns! Felt like one big family of brothers and sisters. PH and Hunter’s assignments were perfect, not always pushy about the client. Will be back again and highly recommended to others. lots of jokes shared and lots of laughter”


Mike Austin; Been to Africa many times. First time with JANNIE OTTO SAFARIS. “ Best safari and will recommend to others. Lots of jokes and great fire talks!”

First African safari ever

Cody Austin, his first African safari ever. Having a great time with everyone here at JANNIE OTTO SAFARIS.

My old friend

Having a great time with my old friend Derick van Staden and client Lopresto hunting buffalo with 500 S&W handgun!

Father and son safari

Kevin and Daniel Fazendeiro; Their first time in Africa, had a wonderful time here with JANNIE OTTO SAFARIS.

Roger Puccinelli

On his first safari with JANNIE OTTO SAFARIS

Warren Lance and Mark Steffens. First African safari with Jannie Otto Safaris.

Warren Lance “ We had a fantastic time and will definitely be back. The overall experience was spectacular”

Mark Steffens “ Far beyond expectations. PH’s were a perfect match for us, friendly, knowledgeable, and entertaining. Concessions were every good size and variety of terrein. Far more game than what I have expected. Love it that there was no pressure to shoot, but I still shot more than what I had intended to do. Accommodations were perfect and especially the bush dinners was a very nice touch” Also was great to see Jannie here for the 2 days. Thank you, we will be back”