End of a wonderful marketing trip to the USA

Appreciate all clients, new and old, who has booked with JANNIE OTTO SAFARIS for the 2023/24 and 35 seasons. thanks for your support and loyalty. We are really looking forward to a great year here in Africa with all our clients.

End of the year weekend. Thuru Lodge, Kalahari

From myself, Jannie, and Ronel, just something small to say thank you to all the people that have supported us through the 2022 season to help, work and to make sure that this was another very successful season. Without you support, help, hard work , positive attitude and understanding we could not have done that. It is the “TEAM” that make JANNIE OTTO SAFARIS  the successful company it has been for the last 41 years.

Have a wonderful Christmas and hope that 2023 will just have the best in store for all of you.


Irfaan, Raees, Ahmed, and Mohammed Yousuf

“ Overall a very pleasant and enjoyable experience. Upon arriving at the airport, the V.I.P. excite facilities were tops. Excellent accommodation and food. The lodge staff is very good. Hunting was excellent and successful. The PHs and Jannie, are very experienced, friendly, and good company. An amazing expedition and looking forward to coming back soon. Irfaan”

Bruce and Elaine McArthur

Hunting at Thuru Lodge in Northern Cape, Kalahari, and also doing a photo safari to Kruger National Park with PH Alex.

Victor Gonzales and Flor Ornelas

First time in Africa!  Photo safari to Kruger National; Park.

Edward and Charlene Overweg

First time to Africa. Photo safari to Kruger National Park, Victoria Falls, Hartebeespoort Dam with PH Hugo du Plessis

Nils-Ole, Sonja, Mikkel, Jo, and Cecilie Stubberud

“ Guide: Very good, Staff: Very good. Accommodation: very good. Hunting areas are very good, and Trophy quality is Good. Food Good. The highlight was sharing this trip with the family and the hospitality shown by JANNIE OTTO SAFARIS. Thank you for a great stay!”

Travis and Bridgette Kakalecik

Vanessa Falk Lindner

“ What a pleasant surprise in the Northern Cape! Lodge, staff, food, guide and hunting was all exceptional. Had to hunt hard for all my trophies and got some truly exceptional animals.Mark Mc Kenzie was a fabulous PH.Polki, what an amazing spotter, tracker and very kind human, we could not have done it without him. Divan was a gracious host and fabulous cook! William great bartender. No complaints! Will definitely come back.”

Mike Piazza

Steve and Cole Wasiuta

Long time friends of us, from Canada, on their 5 African safari with JANNIE OTTO SAFARIS. Tanzania. Having lots of fun, making lots of memories.

Finn and Ann Leva

Kirk Willard

“ Let me begin by saying after 10 safaris to Africa, before this one. This safari has been my favourite one by far, even exceeding my buffalo hunts. I am hooked on JANNIE OTTO SAFARIS and will be back for a buff with my boys. This part of Africa is amazing”

Michael van Stella

“ Unbelievable experience! Way beyond and expectations and a trip of a lifetime for both of us. From the moment we arrived every aspect of the total experience has been absolutely incredible. The lodging is outstanding and the food and beverages are top level.  The hunting is something I will never forget and the most beyond hunting experiences one could ask. We are already planning to come back! “ 


“ This has been the best hunt I’ve had in Africa. All areas of this has been great ! “

Russel Love

“ I thought last year an awesome time hunting with your outfit and did not believe it could be topped. But I was greatly surprised that it has been even better this year. Nicus is by far my favourite PH I have hunted with anywhere and the whole operation you have is outstanding, 1st class. I cant wait to come a 3rd time and bring my wife. Trophies are still outstanding as are the whole staff!! “

William Love Jnr

“ Cois was an excellent PH.. Food and accommodation has been fantastic. The experiance was amazing and jannie added to to the teams attention to detail”

Gregory and Nancy Petit

Greg Petit;  “ I don’t know how you can improve anything. Conrad, our PH was awesome to work with. trophy quality was excellent. Lodge was excellent. Thank you very much for a great experience”


Nancy petit;  “ I had a fantastic experience and created so many wonderful memories. Loved the Kruger National Park and personal attention we received. I loved hearing facts and background of the plants, animals and birds, it was so informative. Thank you Jannie!  Our Time at Thuru Lodge was great . I cannot say enough about Conrad. Food, staff and accommodations were the best. Thank you all”

Client Reed Spiller

“ The foodstuff and lodges were absolutely wonderful. Trophies was perfect. PH Mark could not have been more suited for me. You can pay anyone to do a job, you can’t pay someone to care. Jannie otto Safaris and my PH Mark have exceeded all expectations”

Tommy Tietjen

“ Had a wonderful hunt. Everything was great. Lex did a great job”

Steven and Lisa Eddy

Michael Schaffeld

“Food-staff-accommodations-hunting quality of animals all great! Conrad, my PH was excellent as was Willie. Thanks for a great safari!”

John Gustainis

“ Mark was a fantastic PH. The food was amazing and the rooms were great. We thoroughly enjoyed the time and the experience we were able to have as a family. Thank you for an amazing trip. We will be back”

Nolan Helms

Nolan on his first African safari. Joining his grand father John Gustainis, 4th safari in Africa with JOS,  on a life changing experience to Africa.    “ It was good and they were all nice and they made sure you get good food and service and when you needed something they got it for you”

Jacob Gustanis

“Food and rooms were amazing. Alex was the best PH I have ever had. His ability to find the animal behaviours before the stalk was amazing and proofed to be useful in the shots taken. He was always thinking of the hunter first and himself second. I will ask for Alex specifically on my next trip”

Clint Keith

First African safari.  “ Everything was great. I had no clue how this trip would be before getting here and I am already trying to plan my next trip back. I told my PH Hugo the first day that I would only take a nyala if it was a very good trophy, the one he told me to shoot, turn out to be a gold medal with SAFARI CLUB INTERNATIONAL. Hugo was very knoweledagble about the wild life, nature and the country. I asked a lot of questions and he always had an answer. Camaraderie at camp was great. I look forward to my next trip”

Steven Parra Ayala

“Fantastic PH. Fabulous food and accommodation. I could not be happier We will certainly be back. Philip is a great PH and wonderful friend”

Steve Garza

“ Service was great. We had such a nice time.Francois was a great PH and we had a blast, and would definitely come back”

Steve Garza

“ Service was great. Our PH were really great. We definitely will be back” Francois was really a great host!”

Kristene en Jake Edwards

Kristene & Jake’s second safari with JANNIE OTTO SAFARIS. Jake stayed behind and worked for 6 weeks here in Africa, gaining great experience about wild life conservation in Africa. Hunting and capturing of game. interaction with clients and also the African local people!

Bret, Trista, Keetin Daugherty with Kim Wells on their first African safari

BRET DAUGHERTY;     “Accommodations, and cooking staff are awesome. Alex, very young PH. Very knowledgeable about animals and South Africa. There area, terrain very enjoyable to hunt with excellent trophy quality Food were excellent”
Keetin Daugherty;     “Steven, very good PH and extremely funny. I learned something new every day. We had lots of fun. The food was amazing”
Trista Daugherty; Steven, very different style of hunting. Nice to have two PH’s and hear more about Africa and the animals. Steven made the girls feel very good about their hunting skills. they had a trip of a lifetime. Thuru Lodge Rocks!!!”
 Kim Wiles;  “ Steven has been a great PH. Had the opportunity to ride with him a few times. His knowledge of the terrain and animals is amazing. He also was very entertaining to the non-hunters answering all our questions. He did great with the two girls, 13 and 14 years old.  Also, he, as a non -hunter helped made my trip very memorable and amazing. A great highlight was watching my granddaughter shoot an animal. Was a first for me a was incredible. Steven, thank you for your infections laughths!  Divan, your food was amazing. You are a great chef Thank you for everything”

Garry Lucker

On his second African safari with JANNIE OTTO SAFARIS. Hunting and got a very nice buffalo with PH Conrad.  Last day to spare, added n great Lechwe.

Dwight Gelhorn

Long time friend on his 5th African safari with JANNIE OTTO SAFARIS. 3rd safari, 2 of them unsuccessful for leopard and was successful. Lots of hard work, patience and success. Good area, lots of animals great trophies. Tanzania Selous.


Great friend from California on his 9th African safari. Been in most of the Southern African Countries on safari with JOS, living out his passion for the outdoors and hunting, conserving wildlife and enjoying what Africa has to offer to the “outdoor lover” and the hunter. This, for a first time, Tanzania. Collected an amazing 45 inch buffalo some really good trophies and again, thank you Tim for your respect of African wild life and its people.


California on her 8th African safari. with JANNIE OTTO SAFARIS. 3 to try and get a leopard. Lots of hard work determination and luck shows up. Got a beautiful leopard on the 4th afternoon. One of the few ladies I know that have hunted buffalo in 3 different African countries successfully!!  Collected an old “dagga boy buffalo” of 39 inch spread!


Starting their 8the African safari , with JANNIE OTTO SAFARIS, in South Africa. Hunting for the first time areas in the Kalahari, close to Upington and the to KZN, Pongola Game Reserve. Always a blast to have them here. Love the outdoors and just Africa in general. Tim, Jan, thank you for all your support through the years. Really appreciated.