Larry Lane

“Our friends Larry Lane from the USA with PH Mark on a very successful Bow hunting safari! Northern Cape, South Africa”

Our friends from Texas

” Ronnie en beckie Norcross on their African safari with us in Upper Lupandi Zambia”

Mark and Rob on their African safari with Jannie Otto Safaris

Mark has been to Africa 3 times before but was Rob’s first time.


First buffalo for Mark. ” Great experiance, lots of exitement with hunting buffalo. PH are doing a great job. Best area and camp I hunted in Africa. Camps was beautiful, areas big, lots of animals and great trophies” 


Rob ” Way more than what I have expected of hunting in Africa. Everything first class. As I am an “Outfitter in the USA, I have lots of hunting clients. Will definitely tell them about JOS and want to bring 4 to 8 hunters to Africa. See you next year 2022, in the USA.”

Knysna, deep sea fishing

Great day with very good friends at the end of another successful African safari with Jannie Otto Safaris. 

Darren and Loughan Loughran’s African safari with Jannie Otto Safaris

Loughan ” Had a great time. Everything was good andcreally enjoyed time here in Africa” 


Vlooitjie, gaan nog een van hul vir jou stuur met jagfotos. Dalk twee as alles nie met een deurgaan nie.


Lekker naweek. Lvjxxx 

Ken Whiley, with his client had a great buffalo safari with Jannie Otto Safaris..

Myron Heil, second buffalo safari with Jannie Otto Safaris. From Alaska, USA.

“Safari was outstanding in every way. This is the second time I have hunted with JOS and it keeps getting better. Super’s skill and experiance is evident in his ability to spot and stalk game, oustanding!!!. Propperty was absolutely amazing. Beautiful terrain and outstanding game. The lodge and food exceeded my expectations. I will absolutely be back! Milo! “

Russ and Nancy Heil, second buffalo safari with Jannie Otto Safaris. Greenbay Wisconsin USA.

“We had an fantastic time on our safari. Mark fantastic PH. Accommodation were wonderful as well as the staff. We never imagined such a spectacular time this week. We will be back and hope to have Mark as our PH again. We wouldnt have you change anything!”

Jannie, Ronel, Russ and Nancy.

Deep sea fishing Indian ocean Knysna Western Cape South Africa. Great day with our friends from Wisconsin. Lots of fish, beautiful ocean!

Tim and Jan Decker

Tim and Jan Decker on their fith African safari with Jannie Otto Safaris. Great friends, love Africa and its wildlife.

Jan Decker Buffalo Hunt


Hey Jannie, just wanted to say thank you again! Was a great trip and I cannot stop thinking about it!!

I’m already thinking about next year and plan to bring the kids. It’ll be three kids, myself and Michelle and the kids will be the primary hunters! When you get the time, let me know your thoughts and let’s start looking at options!

Thanks again!!

Tim Decker buffalo Hunt

Decker safari Cape Town

Jamie and Michelle Ruprecht

Will Smith and Aaron Wilson


“Hunting areas was great. Staff exceptional, Animal quality was superb. Second safari concession. This place was awesome. Great animal quality and numbers. Food, accommodation and staff was excellent. Best safari area I’ve been to.
PH Nicus; Ive been on safari 5 times now in Africa. Nicus is by far the best PH I had. 
Jannie Otto Safaris; I can highly recommend Jannie Otto and his staff. Jannie worked hard to see that all details of our safari were completed and taking care off.”

Aaron Wilson;
“Had a wonderful experience.  My PH, Alex, was a very nice and positive young man. His knowledge of the different plants and wildlife was amazing. He has a tremendous passion and enthusiasm, which I really enjoyed and hope to hunt with him again one day.
Staff and accommodation at both safari areas were outstanding. Food and beverages were tasty and plentiful. Hunting was good with plenty of of game. Second area I particularly liked the openers of the terrain and the incredible number of different herds of animals.
I definitely will recommend all my hunting friends to JANNIE OTTO SAFARIS.”

Weston Gleave and Austin Gleave

Weston Gleave;
“ Top notch operation. I will hunt here again one day! Extremely pleased at PH’s ability to gage trophy quality. Both Mark, John , Eaun, CJ, Martinez and Rykie were all extremely accommodating.  Eaun’s cooking is worth coming back for alone!! I appreciate the work that’s gone into piecing together such larche parcels of land. This property is a joy to hunt, especially with PH Mark.”

Austin Gleave;
“ I have been to Africa 6 times and this has by far been one of the best experiences. The camp and all the staff were state of the art. Truly felt like family here and that every one was taking care off.  Willem is a PRO chef and took excellent care for the camp. Mark is one of the best PH”s I have worked with. I have never hiked this much on safari and it was incredible to do that and stalked game with Mark. Will definitely booked another hunt with Jannie Otto Safaris to hunt with Mark again!”

David Uelingh

David Uelingh
“ Accommodation and amenisties, food were excellent. Trophies were world class.  Bushbuck hunting was amazing. Absolutely the best hunting trip i avere had been on. Mark is the best PH that you will ever met. he went out of his way to make sure that I was safe and when it was time for me to shoot, i was in the right posission to take the shot. Excellent skinner, trackers and staff were there. Host were gracious and the food was “gourmet-the best”. Please understand that all hunters should put their trust in Jannie Otto Safaris, and leave their “egos” at home, it will be there when you return.”

Eric Wald & Josh Rose

Wyatt, Carter, Summer and Byron Christoffersen

Wyatt, Carter, Summer and Byron Christoffersen
“Really enjoyed the experience. Ph Nicus was made for this profession. He has found his calling. Full of energy, jokes and also had a good taste for music.There was a bond formed with Nicus right from the start.  Great Example for my boys and his humour is infectious with all of us. we really enjoyed the experience of this trip and hope to be back one day.
Really enjoyed PH Alex. his knowledge of the area and the animals has allowed us to connect with the beautiful country. Alex friendliness, his outgoing going nature and his patience and perseverance with guiding my son. Could not asked for someone better. Thanks Alex! “ 

Tim Wimer and Charles Rohrer

Tim Wimer
“ Mark worked very hard for me. Could not asked for a better experience. All of the helpers were very good at everything we needed. I liked that we got to eat a lot of the animals we harvest. The rooms were very nice”

Charles Rohrer
“ Had a good time. PH Conrad was good to work with and did a great job vinding game. The two boys, CJ and Gonde were very thoughtful and take good care of us. Max did a great job with the food and keeps the ground in good shape.  Rooms was clean and our cloths washed every day. Did enjoy hunting this area.”

Lance Spruiell

Luke Sanders

Luke Sanders
“ I thinks everything was great. The staff was Phenomenal. Tons of game. Great Ranch and fantastic Lodge. I cannot thinks of anything i will improve. Feel free to use me as reference anytime”

Troy Braswell

John and Maya Pikop first African safari, accompanied by their friend Leray Merz

Thompson family’s first African safari

Jannie Otto safari’s annual African safari with USA Veterans

Jannie Otto safari’s annual African safari with USA Veterans in conjunction with “PATRIOT EXPEDITIONS” Alex Gibson

Ronnie and Bexkie Norcross

Ronnie and Bexkie Norcross “ Had a blast. Sandy Monunt Park was awesome. Really enjoy hunting with PH Hendrik. He was great. Lots of fun taking after business as well. Communication was fantastic. We are all leaving very happy!! Hope to return

John Wilkerson

John Wilkerson  My experience could not have been better. I hunted with PH Mark in 2015, and was very glad to had him as my PH again.Hunted three different areas. All areas had exceptional animals/game. The lodges all were unique but offered the same  gracious services. The food at all was delicious. I enjoyed having the change to sample the various game meats. I am looking forward to my next adventure with Jannie Otto Safaris.”

Craig Sartin

Craig Sartin  “ I had a great time. The superb hunting was matched by the staff. The facility was very nice and all staff were super nice! The quality and number of animals was outstanding. All the PH’s in camp were super nice and supporting. My PH Chris was super. We had a great time.I will highly recommend JANNIE OTTO SAFARIS to anybody that wish to come to South Africa”

Ted & Danna Kohleffel

“ We hunted South Africa before but never had any experience like we did this time!. PH Mark made it his job to see that we did everything on this trip that we wanted. Did not matter if we were in the lodge or out hunting. PH Mark is a gentleman at all times and a credit to the profession and Jannie Otto Safaris. 

Mike Van Jones and his son

Tom Lano

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