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Hunting Dangerous Game In South Africa

An African safari can provide memories for a lifetime, particularly if there is dangerous game on the quota. Preparation is of the utmost importance – the right rifle, in the right caliber, with the right bullet can make the difference between life and death. Use enough gun. Trust your Professional Hunter’s advice in this regard. Sight-in on the bench and shoot from the sticks, off-hand and the various other positions you may encounter in the field. Be comfortable, thoroughly familiar, and proficient with your weapon of choice. Remember: “it is shot placement, and not what you shoot with, that is important!” And, as we say: “Aim on hair, not on Air.” We offer dangerous game hunting in South Africa, Zambia, Mozambique and Tanzania for lion, leopard, white rhino, elephant, buffalo, hippo and crocodile. The area in which the dangerous game hunt is conducted depends on the species which interest you. We have specialized professional hunter who have many years’ experience in pursuing the dangerous game of Africa. Our success rate on all animals (except the elusive leopard) is very close to 100%. Please try to book your dangerous game hunt at least six months in advance, as we require some time to obtain the necessary permits from the relevant authorities.


Leopard, also known as the silent killer, presents the most difficult dangerous game hunting safari in Africa. These most elusive of the African predators are solitary and mostly nocturnal animals. They will normally be hunted over bait, a process that requires a lot of patience. Once the hunt has been successful though, you are sure to treasure your leopard trophy and memories as one of your favorites. CITES permits are very limited and bookings to be made at least 12 months in advance.


Hippopotamus can be an extremely dangerous animal to hunt. They spend their days wallowing in waterways and dams. These sanctuaries are normally left at dusk to graze in the surrounding area. If threatened, they will instinctively return to the water and present a grave danger to anyone in their path. Most of our hippo hunting is done in Mozambique on a 7 day package hunt, or as an add-on on buffalo and crocodile hunting.


Crocodile are not the most popular of the dangerous game animals that can be hunted in Africa. They do, however present a very challenging and enjoyable hunt that will test the marksmanship of any hunter. Shot placement and patience is of utmost importance when hunting crocodile


Buffalo are the most popular and arguably also the most dangerous animal that can be hunted on a safari in Africa. It is not called “Black Death” without reason. It is very important that you are accompanied by an experienced Guide to ensure your safety when hunting the most unpredictable member of the Big Five


As a result of closing down elephant hunting in countries like Botswana, Zambia (and for American hunters in Mozambique) the availability of hunting these giants became restricted. Populations in Southern Africa are still very stable and in some areas there exists a substantial over population of these largest of the African mammals. Elephant can be hunted in the wilderness areas of Zimbabwe, Tanzania, Mozambique as well as areas surrounding Kruger National Park in South Africa.

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