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Huge haul of ivory found in Mozambique

This is for the usual doubters on this page who think there aren’t problems in Southern Africa!
The demand for ivory is increasing and whether this is from a ‘stronghold’ or from live Elephants I can tell you there are massive problems and I truly believe we are in the middle of a new big surge in elephant poaching.
Watch this space. On one occasion we found 21 freshly poached elephants all within a few km of an army base almost a decade back. The army was sleeping while their generator was blaring. They had no idea there was a problem. Poaching happens quickly and quietly and much of the subregion is unable to combat serious poaching syndicates which often operate with impunity.
Friday, 22 March 2024
The Tax Authority of Mozambique (AT) and the National Criminal Investigation Service (SERNIC) seized a twenty-foot container at the Port of Maputo on Thursday that contained 651 bags filled with ivory tusks.
The contraband was destined for Dubai, capital of the United Arab Emirates.
According to Moçambique Bio, the container was subjected to a physical and detailed examination after the first evaluation at Kudumba. During examination, a multi-sectoral team made up of elements from the Mozambican Tax Authority and the National Criminal Investigation Service discovered 651 concealed bags of ivory tusks.
The tusks had been carefully placed in the centre of the container surrounded by sacks of corn, in an attempt to deceive the authorities. Efforts are underway to identify both the exporter and the customs broker.”