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Where Everyday In The African Bush Is An Unbeliveable Exprience

The Hunting Season

Jannie Otto Safaris is based in South Africa, 40 minutes’ drive from the Kimberley airport in the Northern Cape. We also hunt in other Provinces of South Africa and African Countries, Zimbabwe, Mozambique and Tanzania.

We cater for safaris that range in length between 7-21 days. Hunters can be assured that on a 10-14 days safari they will return home with a good mixed bag of exciting trophies. Travelling time must be taken into consideration when hunting in different provinces for certain species of game. Jannie Otto Safaris can tailor make your safari to meet your trophy requirements. Experienced Professional Hunters will be with you every step of the way to guide you to a successful and fun safari.

In South Africa we hunt from February through November.

What To Expect

Specialized Safaris

Jannie Otto has different types of safaris such as Dangerous Game, Family Safaris, Youth Safaris & Spiral Horn Safaris.

The Hunt

Before venturing out into the wilderness for an adventure of a lifetime, be sure to have the proper documentations in order .


South Africa and surrounding areas are crawling with an abundance of wildlife and some breath taking scenery 

South Africa has a vast interior plateau rimmed by rugged hills and narrow coastal plains, our lowest point is the Atlantic Ocean 0 m and highest point being Njesuthi 3,408m. South Africa has the most diverse game population in the world with approximately 36 species of antelope.

You will have the opportunity to hunt all nine provinces of South Africa, depending on which species of game you wish to pursue.

South African Seasons

South Africa is semiarid. Rainfall occurs from October to April and it is hot during the day, therefore having sunny days and cool nights. It is subtropical along the East coast. In the dry season, from May to September, there is practical no rain with cold comfortable days and cold nights. This is considered to be the best time for hunting, although pleasant safaris can also be conducted in summer.

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