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It was a pleasure speaking with you a moment ago and thank you for your inquiry and interest in Global Rescue.


As discussed, Global Rescue provides its members with advisory and transport services in connection with COVID-19 in the same manner as any other infectious condition. So long as it is safe for both the member and the transport team, and there are no rules or regulations either in the member’s location or the destination prohibiting it, Global Rescue will provide transport services to our members.


Our Team is actively monitoring the epidemic closely and providing daily updates. To receive daily alert updates,


Also, we recommend that your US clients enroll in the US Embassy STEP program so that you will be informed of any government arranged departure/evacuation flight.


Global Rescue offers both Short Term and Annual Membership options. You may want to consider an Annual plan if you have other travels this year that will take you more than 100 miles from home.Attached is our full pricing list for your review.


Since 2004, Global Rescue has been the worldwide leader in field rescue, evacuation, security extraction, and virtual health services.


Global Rescue Members have access to:

  • Best-in-class Medical and Security Advisory Services 24 hours a day, 365 days a year
  • Industry-leading Field Rescue Services, evacuation and extraction services available to you anytime, anywhere.
  • TotalCareSM Virtual Health Services including real-time urgent consults, specialty consults and second opinions from world-class physicians
  • Destination Reports and Real-time Event Monitoring via the My Global Rescue Mobile App, including: Two-way in­-app communications, geo-located check-ins, and immediate access to emergency assistance. Available for iOS (v.5 and above) and Android (v.4.4 and above) at the App Store and Google Play.


Global Rescue offers medical advisory, virtual health and evacuation services in collaboration with the Johns Hopkins Department of Emergency Medicine Division of Special Operations and Elite Medical Group. Medical experts are available to offer real-time advisory to our members, and when evacuation is needed, we provide transport via private and commercial aircraft to the member’s chosen home hospital.


When our members travel to an area where there is a threat of violence, crime, or unrest, our security and intelligence teams provide advisory services to keep them informed. If a member is facing the threat of imminent grievous bodily harm, or a government evacuation order is declared, we will provide extraction services to bring our members out of danger and safely home.


All medical and security transport costs are included in the membership.


Our members also have access to our My Global Rescue mobile app, which is a direct link to our operations centers in case of emergency and provides real-time reports on health and security issues in 215 countries and principalities worldwide. 


Global Rescue also offers Signature Travel Insurance from IMG®, a comprehensive, industry-leading travel insurance product designed specifically for Global Rescue. When combined with a Global Rescue Membership, this travel protection program offers an unsurpassed combination of features, quality, and price. IMG Signature Travel Insurance is priced on a trip-by-trip basis depending on the duration and total cost of your trip.


If you have any additional questions we can be reached anytime by email or at +1 (617) 459-4200, or via our website,