2021 Indemnity


    This agreement contains provisions whereby you surrender certain legal rights, please read carefully. I understand that I am required to read carefully and sign a release of liability and assumption of risk
    form, before hunting with Jannie Otto Safaris. I understand that Jannie Otto Safaris will assist me in the best of their abilities with pertinent information regarding passports, visas and international health certificates, inoculations and other required documentation are obtained current and in order. Jannie Otto Safaris encourages me to obtain the following types of insurance which I understand are commercially available:

    • Accidental death and disability

    • Emergency medical evacuation

    • Major medical

    • Loss of personal effects

    • Trip cancellation insurance

    I am aware that adventure travel, whether in civilized or remote areas, by plane, train, auto, boat, other conveyance, or not on foot, involves inherent risk of illness, injury, death or loss and damage
    of property, which may be caused by negligence of others, forces of nature, and other causes known or unknown. I recognize that such risks may be present at any time before, during and after the trip that I am participating in under the arrangements of Jannie Otto Safaris. I am also aware that
    medical services or facilities may not be readily available during the time I am participating in this trip.

    I certify that I have read all of the above and fully understand its contents and the type of risks inherent in such trips. In consideration of this trip, and the activities, and food arranged for me by Jannie Otto Safaris, I (“releaser”), agree on behalf of myself and any minors accompanying me to hold harmless and release Jannie Otto Safaris for any accident, claims, losses, damages, or liabilities, including death, disability, injury, or loss or damage to releaser or releasers property, which might occur during the activities of this trip. Including without limitations those losses arising out of the strict liability or the joint or concurrent, active or passive, negligence of releases. I expressly assume any and all such risks with respect to the activities and circumstances described herein and pledge not to sue Jannie Otto Safaris on account agreement. I understand that this holds harmless and release does not apply to such claims, damages, est. which are caused solely by the negligence or intentional acts of releases. I agree that the foregoing obligation shall be binding upon me personally, as well as upon my heirs, executors and administrators, and members of my family, and shall also be binding upon any minors accompanying me.

    I Accept

    2021 Pre-Safari Information

    1. Personal Details

    2. Emergency Contact Information

    3. Safari Dates with Jannie Otto

    Arrival Details

    Departure Details

    4. Guests

    5. Animal species you wish to hunt (no particular order)







    6. Firearms
    Information is required for the purpose of the Letter of Invitation from the Outfitter (to apply for your Temporary Firearm Permit).

    Will you bring your own firearm? YESNO

    If YES, Please State:

    7. If you are interested in sight-seeing trips, please indicate your interests

    Game Park

    ROVOS Rail




    Diamond Industry

    Garden Route

    Tribal Life

    8. Health

    Note to bring personal prescription medication with you.

    Please indicate health related conditions Jannie Otto Safaris should be aware off:

    Are You Diabetic? YESNO

    9. Food

    10. Beverage preferences

    Please note – Jannie Otto Safaris provides bottled water.

    Please indicate your preferences